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CEASE Programs

CEASE is an Edmonton-based root cause organization that is building bridges over poverty and provides tools for individuals to heal, rebuild, and create improved futures for themselves and their families. Our vision is a community of hope, respect, and transformation for individuals, families, and communities affected by sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and social inequality.

We offer programs that use three strategies to assist individuals in creating improved futures for themselves and their families: heal the harm, build for the future, and inspire positive change.

Our programs include court support and advocacy, financial empowerment, bursaries, one-to-one coaching and system navigation, poverty relief, transitional support, and peer support. Our programs assist individuals with past or current sex trade experience, including the commercial sex industry, sex trafficking, and survival sex trade. This also includes sex buyers and affected families and communities.

Building Bridges

Supports participants in creating a brighter future for themselves and their children.
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$ave Match $pend

Assists women who are living on low income in overcoming barriers to achieving financial security, regardless of their circumstances.
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Bursary Program

Supports women in pursuing post-secondary education and/or professional training.
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An enhanced spectrum of services for youth at risk of being sexually exploited.
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Microloan Credit Recovery

Helping individuals rebuild their credit through microloans.
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Project STAR

Project STAR advocates for sexually exploited individuals pursuing a higher quality of life.
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Public Education Workshops

CEASE conducts presentations and workshops on sexual exploitation, offering practical solutions for individuals, families, and communities.
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STOP (Sex Trade Offender Program) is a workshop for men arrested for buying sex.
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