Heal the harm.
Build for the future.
inspire positive change.

Who We Are

Centre to Empower All Survivors of Exploitation (CEASE) & Trafficking is an Edmonton-based charity committed to empowering survivors of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. We support individuals in rebuilding their lives through one-to-one support in the community, victim assistance through the courts, paying for fees to go back to school, and financial management. We work in cooperation with community, government, and law enforcement to help sexually exploited and trafficked persons heal and renew their lives.

Our Brand

The CEASE logo was designed by April Eve Wiberg, a bi-racial Lakota - Cree iskwêw (woman) and an Indigenous human rights movement builder. Our logo embodies the optimism for what the future holds and the positive transformation it can bring.
The meaning of our brand

Our Core Strategies

Heal the Harm

CEASE helps heal the mental, social, and financial harm often felt by those who have been sexually exploited or trafficked.

Build for the Future

CEASE helps those leaving the sex industry or those impacted by exploitation to create the foundation for a positive and different future.

Inspire Positive Social Change

CEASE works to end sexual exploitation from all angles and to decrease the demand in Edmonton for sex services.

What we do

How We Can Help

Our programs assist individuals with past or current sex trade experience, including the commercial sex industry, sex trafficking, and survival sex trade. This also includes sex buyers and affected families and communities.

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Building Bridges

Supports participants in creating a brighter future for themselves and their children.
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$ave Match $pend

Assists women who are living on low income in overcoming barriers to achieving financial security, regardless of their circumstances.
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Bursary Program

Supports women in pursuing post-secondary education and/or professional training.
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An enhanced spectrum of services for youth at risk of being sexually exploited.
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