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Public Education Workshops

Public Education Workshops

A public education workshop is one of the first steps in preventing sexual exploitation, human sex trafficking, and social inequality. The workshops offered are the cornerstone of our efforts.

We deliver presentations and workshops that delve into the realities and impact of sexual exploitation, offering practical solutions for individuals, families, and communities. Our sessions cover a spectrum of topics, including the continuum of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, evolving trends in the sex trade, and formidable barriers to exiting.

We can customize presentations according to your group's needs. Honorariums are appreciated and gratefully accepted.

Please contact us at 780-471-6137 to arrange a training session for your group or agency.

The staff provides

  • Tailored presentations to meet the specific needs of the various groups
  • Education on preventing sexual exploitation and help with identifying common grooming and luring tactics
  • Understanding sextortion and how can we protect our children

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