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    Heal the Harm

    Trauma Recovery Counselling, Victim Advocacy, Court Diversion, HOPE Fund: Help Others Prosper Equally poverty relief fund, Annual Memorial

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    Build for the Future

    Bursaries & Training Grants, EMPOWER U Financial Literacy and Matched Savings, Empowerment programs in correctional facilities and in the community

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    Positive Change

    Prostitution Offender Program, Annual Men of Honour Awards, COARSE Resource Circle, Education, Public Awareness & Community Engagement Initiatives


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  • kris-andreychuk

    Kris Andreychuk

    As a Social Worker with a NET team he identifies innovative ways to make a positive difference by engaging others ...

  • kris-knutson

    Kris Knutson

    He develops safe and healthy communities by supporting those who have experienced incarceration ...

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    Lee’s story

    You come to accept that you will die on the street. My name is Lee and I want to talk about the violence women experience ...

  • A brief profile of our dynamic organization.

  • 2379

    Number of individuals who have attended the Prostitution Offender Program since 1996.

  • 180

    Number of individuals who have attended the COARSE Court Diversion program since 1996.

  • 70%

    Percentage of individuals that successfully concluded their COARSE plans.

  • 3500

    Number of men who have been charged by the EPS with “communication for the purpose of prostitution.”

  • 15yrs

    Average age individuals are coerced into visible sexual exploitation.

  • 25-35

    Average age of “john school” attendees.