We seek to empower women to know that they are strong and capable and can make healthy decisions for themselves and their children.

Women with peer experiences encourage each other to know that they can make the changes they want and achieve their dreams.

This program involves:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • System advocacy
  • Peer support for women, and women with children

Our funders asked us to help women with children maintain their housing because we know the devastating impact on families when they become homeless, or, have to move frequently.

Our coordinator works with housing workers from our partner agencies to find safe, affordable and culturally appropriate housing.

We link women with other community resources such as transition programs, employment programs, and CEASE programs such as Trauma Recovery Counselling, Bursaries, and assistance with filing taxes and applying for AISH, Income Support, and other government programs. Occasionally we can bridge poverty needs with bus tickets, food store certificate, baby formula, prescriptions and other personal needs.

Some of the women we support do not have children living with them, or, their children are now adults. Many live with chronic pain and frequent hospital stays. Others struggle with mental health challenges related to years of abuse, violence and living with complex PTSD. When women ask us for support, we respond in ways that are unique to each woman.

For more information, please call:
BBFW coordinator
780-903-6228 or 780-471-6137