Have you or someone you know been a victim of crime? Have you been sexually assaulted, or physically assaulted?

Do you want to report, but are afraid? Do you think you may have warrants? Speak to us first to get some facts about reporting a crime.

We give confidential services to those who have been a victim of crime.

We are community-based advocates who respect your rights and are here to serve you if you have been a victim of crime.


Project STAR

Project STAR (Support-Transition-Action-Recovery) advocates can offer you confidential services and are especially trained in working with those who are or have been involved in the sex trade. We can help you to report to the criminal justice system.

Advocates help with legal issues:

  • Explain trial language, courtroom procedure, and courtroom etiquette in ways that you can easily understand
  • Keep you informed about key dates and stages in the criminal case
  • Go with you to defense interviews, prosecutor appointments, and court proceedings
  • Assist you if you have special needs so the court can make any necessary accommodations in advance of trials
  • Assist you with victim compensation applications and victim impact statements Assist victims with media requests
  • Work to ensure your voice is heard at various case decision points (e.g. Sentencing, offender release, charging, plea agreements)
  • Arrange transportation for court-related appointments

You can contact Project STAR yourself, or be referred by:

  • Police-Edmonton Police and RCMP
  • Crown Prosecutors
  • Community Agencies
  • Police & community based victim service units

All calls are confidential.

Call STAR specifically at (780) 717-6659
Or call our office at (780) 471-6137