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Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act


The Sex Trade Offender Program (STOP) is a post-court diversion program, formerly known as ‘john school’ for those charged with S. 286.1.1 CC (attempting to purchase sex services).

286.1 (1) Everyone who, in any place, obtains for consideration, or communicates with anyone for the purpose of obtaining for consideration, the sexual services of a person

It is for sex buyers who are charged for the first time. Others may attend as part of probation. Some men attend without being charged in a police operation.

Participants spend a full day hearing directly from the survivors, families, neighbourhoods and businesses that are harmed by their actions.

Topics covered include:

  • Sex Commodification, Sex Trafficking Laws
  • Pimps, Traffickers, Predators
  • Probation – What are the Consequences?
  • Health Risks & Facts
  • Voluntary STI testing
  • Healthy Sexual Behaviors & Addictions
  • Impact of Buying Sex: self, family, neighbourhood, community
  • Impact of sexual exploitation on: victim, survivor and family/parents

To be eligible for the program you “must NOT have a history of violence and must NOT have a history of child exploitation”.

A fee of $750 must be paid to take part in the program as an alternative to a court-imposed fine for the charge. This fee gets redistributed within the community and all money collected goes towards combating sexual exploitation within the City of Edmonton. This is an approved Adult Measures program.

If you have NOT been arrested, but think this program could help you, please contact us. You may be able to attend with a reduced fee. Call: 780 471-6143.