Here’s what happens next:

  1. The Crown Prosecution Office reviews your file.
  1. If this is your first arrest for attempting to buy sex services, you may be eligible for the Prostitution Offender Program (“john school”)
  1. You go to court for your first appearance. If you are eligible, you are referred to the Probation Office.
  1. Your matter will be adjured for 4 months to complete the Prostitution Offender Program (“john school”) — see below.
  1. You meet with the Probation Officer. You may be referred to the Prostitution Offender Program (“john school”).
  1. The Prostitution Offender Program is an Adult Alternative Measures Program and it is 8 hours long. It takes place on a Saturday.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is an Adult Alternative Measures Program? What does this mean for me?
    You will not have a criminal record. Once you complete the program the charge will be withdrawn.
  2. Will I have a criminal record if I go to the Prostitution Offender Program?
    No, because it is an approved Adult Alternative Measures Program. However, when you apply for a Security Clearance, it will state for 1 year that you have had “criminal involvement but dealt with by way of Alternative Measures.” It is your responsibility to explain this to whoever is requesting the security clearance.
  3. How much does the program cost?
    $500. A money-order payable to CEASE is required. We cannot accept a cheque, debit or credit card payment. A cash payment must be discussed with the Program Coordinator first. Call Kate Quinn at 780-471-6143.
  4. Do I have to attend my Court date after I have completed “john school”?
    It’s a good precaution to either attend, or have someone attend to you so that you are confident that your charge is withdrawn. There is always the potential for a slip-up in a big system.
  5. Can I go to the “john school” even if I have not been arrested, but I know I have a problem cruising the internet or street looking for women?
    Yes, you can attend. Please call Kate Quinn at 780-471-6143. Every year we have men attend without being arrested first.
  6. I think I have a problem. I want to stop, but, I don’t know how.
    There is help and there is hope for you. Check this section on sex addiction on our website for who to call or where to go for help. There are many resources in our city.