Public Education builds public awareness and is the first step in preventing sexual exploitation, human sex trafficking and social inequality.

CEASE delivers presentations and workshops on the realities and impact of sexual exploitation and practical solutions for individuals, families and communities. Our presentations cover topics such as the continuum of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, shifts and trends in the sex trade, and barriers to exiting. We are also happy to provide information about CEASE’s programs and services.

Presentations can be customized according to the needs of your group. Honorariums are appreciated and gratefully accepted.


Please contact us at  780 471-6137 to arrange a training session for your group or agency. 


About Juanita Murphy, one of our CEASE Public Educators:

Juanita is a woman who transforms her feelings of powerlessness into action. She is a woman of two cultures, African Canadian and Cree of Enoch First Nation and a very proud mother of two children.

Juanita has survived inter-generational trauma, addictions, situational crimes, sexual abuse, childhood trauma and sexual exploitation. Juanita works hard to help young women and men who are being sexually exploited to find their voice.

Her presentations inspire and support people and through this she is a symbol of resilience and a role model for making positive changes. She currently celebrates 15 years of being clean and sober. She works at CEASE – Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation as the Public Educator and shares her story by providing the facts behind human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children and women.

Her presentation leads to discussions around scenarios and solutions to empower oneself against sexual exploitation. Juanita presents at many conferences and symposiums related to sexual exploitation too numerous to mention.