Your donation will go towards supporting individuals who are working to heal, and rebuild their lives (and those of family members) after experiencing exploitation.

Areas of support include public education, client support, bursaries, counselling and trauma recovery, and emergency poverty relief.


I want to donate items

Items that CEASE clients need on a regular basis:

  • Hygiene Kit: shampoo/conditioner, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, tampons/pads, brush/comb, towels and washcloths
  • Pajamas (new)
  • Slippers and socks (new)
  • Underwear (new)
  • Bus tickets
  • Grocery gift cards
  • Fast food gift cards
  • Coffee gift cards
  • Bottled water
  • Juice boxes

Please contact us at 780.471.6137 if you have an item you’d like to provide. Your donations are greatly appreciated!


I want to donate cash

Your financial contributions to CEASE go towards:

Healing the harm
$300/month – trauma recovery counselling


Day-to-day management
$50 – provides food security in the form of one grocery store certificate
$24 – pays for one book of 10 bus tickets

$89 – provides one monthly bus pass


Building for the future
CEASE provides direct financial support to help people recover from the experience of sexual exploitation by funding an education.

The cost of an education ranges:

  • $650 – funds a university course towards a diploma
  • $4,466.92 – funds a full year of a degree program
  • $500-2,500 – helps someone upgrade high-school or pursue post-secondary education
    (E.g. To earn an Event Planning certificate from NAIT costs only $700)


Celebrating strength and fostering hope
$30 – provides 1 hour of direct service to assist a survivor
(victim advocacy, peer coaching, staff mentoring)


Inspiring positive social change
$30 – supplies 1 hour of working towards positive social change
(public awareness, community engagement, collaboration with community, police, government on strategies and initiatives)