You Can Help…


Canadians and our governments must take action to address the vulnerable circumstances of sexually exploited individuals and their families.

We must open our eyes and see the profiteering by callous individuals, criminal organizations and the drug trade.

We must open our ears to hear the stories of exploited individuals, their families and communities.

We must take action to decrease the demand for consumer sex and to educate boys and men about the ripples of harm perpetrated by their actions when they use children and adults for sexual exploitation.

We must create a new vision for Canada that states that we as Canadians do not accept the commercial sexual exploitation of our vulnerable citizens or trafficked persons.

We must create coordinated strategies to stop the harm, stem the violence and prevent murder.

We must create positive change and stepping stones to hope.

This section outlines ways you can help. Please get involved.


“So what are you doing with all this information? Let’s not just talk the talk: we need to walk the walk. Because you know what is going to happen. Our young girls right now are doing this in their 20s’ but what about the ones after them? The ones in grade 8, struggling with sexual abuse and not getting help. They’re going to be next. And it’s just going to continue. Are their lives not worth saving? What if it is your daughter – is she not worth saving?”

— Beatrix, Voice of Experience