Below is a list of our events and initiatives to build a safe and welcoming community. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Annual August 14 Memorial 

This is an annual private memorial held each August 14 for those who have lost their lives through murder, suicide, addiction and disease. Since 2000, Edmonton survivors, grieving parents and CEASE board members have hosted the memorial.

Public Education and Community Engagement

CEASE and its partners are respected voices whose insights are sought within and beyond Edmonton. A hallmark of CEASE’s approach is its dedication to involving women who experienced sexual exploitation, women as peer and public educators, to promote critical thought, empathy and create public awareness. Click here to learn more about our workshops, or to request a presentation to your group.

Men of Honour Awards Ceremony and Fundraising Event

One of our signature fund-raising events is the Men of Honour Awards. This event and award ceremony was developed to recognize and celebrate the contributions of men who respect and support the full integration and equality of women in all aspects of society.

Men of Honour are those who use their experience, knowledge and power in meaningful ways to foster respect, encourage healthy relationships, and create positive opportunities for women, children and those who experience vulnerability and marginalization.

Youth Stop Trafficking and Exploitation Project (YSTEP)

We all have a role to prevent and end sexual exploitation, human trafficking and social injustice. You can be part of this important work in your school, among your friends, your community or the world. What you say and do matters. You can make a difference!