Our Expertise

The Staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers of CEASE offer knowledge of sexual exploitation gained through:

  • life experience
  • community development and advocacy
  • criminal justice system processes
  • participatory research to identify root causes, gaps in service, and systemic barriers

We work collaboratively with police agencies, federal, provincial, and municipal government departments, elected representatives and community partners and members to end all sexual exploitation.

With our experience in facilitating the Prostitution Offender Program (“john school”) since 1996, we have gained valuable insights into the “demand” side that fuels sex consumerism, and creates a market for those who pimp, traffic, and profit from the vulnerabilities of women, children, vulnerable males, and transgender persons.


Kate Quinn, Executive Director

Kate has worked with CEASE since 1996 when it was first known as PAAFE, the Prostitution Awareness and Action Foundation of Edmonton, the organization created to facilitate the Prostitution Offender Program for men charged with S. 213 CC and the COARSE court diversion program for women charged under S. 213 CC (Note: women are no longer charged under the new law, Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act). Kate leads a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers who provide a range of supports from poverty relief to financial literacy and matched savings; from victim advocate services to trauma recovery counselling; from public education to funding for bursaries to help people create pathways out of exploitation.

CEASE Board of Directors 2016-2017

Executive Committee:

Bev Fair, President
Mic Farrell, Vice President
Ryan Kelly, Secretary
Roberta Malysh, Treasurer


Kristan McLeod, Director at Large
Dania Spillett, Director at Large
Breena Smith, Director at Large